Playground Pavilion, 2018
Scaled model 1:5, wood, painted wood, acrylic glass, polypropylen, textiles, metal, 70 x 180 x 140 cm

Playground Pavilion

The idea according to Barbara Davi was, “[…]to create a kind of pavilion which belongs to a park in the city. Nicely situated in the green, the pavilion may be used for leisure time. It may be used by anybody: kids, youngsters and adults. It functions as a meeting point, a place to hang out, it gives shelter and is a playground for kids too. The architecture may remind us of modernist buildings which function as a playful element in this context. The architectural structure is made from different materials combined with strong colours, like a collage. From every angle, there is a different ‘image’ to see. The coloured lines and surfaces are playful elements too. The structure is assembled in an open manner. It feels as if one could extend it anytime (at least by thought)”.